September 24, 2008

Sitting on the Fence in this economy (BAD IDEA)

Every morning I turn on my TV and see what they are saying on CNBC about the economy. I usually love watching it and gather insights each time I view it. However over the past few months I am getting sick and tired of how the media is displaying the current economic situation, yes I agree we should take action on the things that need reform and regulation, but come on the more that we give in to what the media is feeding us the more we perpetuate the perceived economic crisis.

This also applies to sellers of businesses, I have noticed a lot people that are interested in selling their company are sitting on the fence "we are waiting to see what this economy will do, once it stabilizes then we will sell" Bad idea, their are more buyers than ever out there right now looking to buy good companies. More buyers means higher price for their business, when equity growth in an economy dries up people go back to what made them wealthy in the first place, CASH FLOW. Good steady cash flow is what investors want right now, equity growth is no longer on their mind if they can get 15-20% on the bottom line of a solid company, and will pay a great price for that cash flow.

If you own a business and have considered selling please call me for a free analysis, I am tuned into the market and I know what is going on now, and I am apart of deal that are actually happening NOW, and the deals have not stopped and sellers are still getting great prices for their businesses. Remember in a down economy all the small competition goes away, and mid-size businesses gain all those customers. So contrary to what you think should happen well positioned mid size companies can still grow in this economy.

Joshua Hadley

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